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Are there any restrictions on the media?

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No, we can upload images of any size/weight, etc. However, please note that an overloaded application will not be user-friendly. Let’s consider the following example: 500 objects x 10 photos x 2MB = 10.000MB. The photos are downloaded when you first start the application or a particular category and at this point you can expose the user to long waiting time, increased transfer of internet connection, etc.

At the same time, please remember that the photos should not be in too low quality. Users use different devices, different quality screens, etc.

In brief, we recommend that a compromise should be found for graphics (photos):

  • do not exceed 500KB for one graphic,
  • file format: JPG(JPEG)/PNG,
  • avoid vertical frames,
  • maintain a minimum width of 800 pixels.

Additional multimedia (video/audio) emitted in the application are via external hosting (e.g. Youtube), are not downloaded to the application, so the above recommendations do not apply.

Category: Personalisation and setting options

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