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like2see App

Interactive, multimedia guide for tourists, guests, customers, applicants...


In your application, you can post any content about objects, descriptions, photos and graphics, video. There will be also some space for your promotional materials, PR, advertising, etc.


The application has default settings, but users can choose many variables themselves. For example, the category they are interested in, distances, form of notifications, lector, language, etc.


Users run the application on their smartphones so they can use it at any time. In addition, you can choose to duplicate information on our website (like:

What makes our app different?

It’s simple – only here you can order an application that is tailored to the needs of your unit, organization, company, etc. At the same time, you do not have to pay for it as much as it would cost to order and create in normal mode. We have prepared a special ‘bacbone’ of the application, you just need to add coordinates, information content, multimedia, etc. You decide how extensive the application and its functionality will be – just use the wizard.

An example of application possibilities:

Play Video

Show yourself as an innovative and modern organization.
Be proud of the opportunities you share with your surroundings!

Invest in your potential, we created the tool for you.
How can you use the app potential?

You are limited only by creativity!
You can share it, for example:

wirtualny przewodnik dla kontrahentów

Guests, contractors...

Do you care about the opinions of the environment? Would you like to show the achievements of your organization?


Investors, developers...

Do you own real estate, investment facilities, etc? Are you looking for investors?

przewodnik turystyczny

Tourists, residents...

Would you like to encourage people to see the attractions, attract people and increase interest?

"Absolutely fantastic and innovative product. The like2see application gives powerful promotion possibilities and solves many problems..."

You receive a management system with the application

Thanks to the built-in administrative functions, you can manage many application settings and user permissions.

Depending on the selected option, you can decide whether the user will be able to define their own settings (e.g. distance to objects, languages, lector, etc.). You can also upload your own layout, possibility of launching informational messages or marketing messages, etc.


Users receive a fully functional application that will provide them with all necessary information

The virtual guide will guide you correctly and show you all the important information. Perfect for small objects (e.g. park, zoo, resort) as well as for large spaces (e.g. investment areas, attractions of the city or region, etc.).

More users will find what they are looking for
przewodnik turystyczny
"It will be possible to reach people for whom modern technologies are the main carrier of information. (...) it will be possible to provide information on the investment areas offered by the city in an attractive and modern way."
Press Officer's Office
City Hall

Key features of the application


Default settings and ease of the usage for the end user.
Everyone can handle the service regardless of age and experience.


You can decide whether the user will be able to define your own settings. You can have your own layout, marketing communication system, etc.


You can include as much information about each item as you need. The content will be read by a lector and you can also support them with graphics and video.


You can place the application for downloading on your own site and/or Google Play. You can also request a version for the AppGallery or App Store.


The application will communicate with the user in Polish and English.
In addition, you can request other languages.

Lifetime license

You can use the application for as long as you need. You will also receive free updates for a year, with the option of extension for further periods of time.

Any doubts?

FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions

Who can order their own version of the app?

There are no major restrictions. The most important issue is that the contracting authority has the right to dispose of information about a given object.

What is the application cost?

The final price of application preparation depends on a number of variables (e.g. number of objects) and your choice of functionality. On this page you will find a tool that will help you make calculations.

What systems is the application available for?

By default, the application will be prepared for Android. You can also request a version for the AppGallery or App Store.

Do I need a developer account?

Full freedom. You can place the application as part of your Google Play account or use ours. You can also place it, for example, on your own website.

Are you interested in, any questions?

Contact us, we will be more than happy to answer your questions.

Please only provide information that will make contact possible.

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