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A virtual guide – for whom?

For anyone who wants to promote their objects in an innovative and interesting way. The application is an interactive, multimedia guide for tourists, guests, clients, petitioners…
You should not be limited by your imagination in finding an applicability!

We have prepared a special ‘skeleton’ of applications so you do not have to pay so much (financial, time, personnel) to have an innovative product. All you have to do is add coordinates, informational content, multimedia, etc. to the application and it’s almost ready! You can decide for yourself how extensive the application and its functionality will be – just use this creator. Additionally, you can order recording of sound files, which will allow the application to read descriptions (in about 20 languages).

Some examples of organisations that should have an application if they aspire to be assessed as innovative and modern.

You will find usage of the application wherever you want to reach someone with a message about objects located in a given area. Such area may be relatively small (e.g. a park), but there are no restrictions in this respect, e.g. it may be a nationwide network of facilities. It is ideal information source for organisations like this:

  • Cities, municipalities, districts
  • Parks, gardens and other so-called green areas
  • Amusement parks
  • Zoos
  • Universities and campuses
  • Tourist agencies and facilities
  • Real estate offices
  • Golf courses
  • All kinds of networks of points, outlets, shops, etc.

You can share the application, for example:

wirtualny przewodnik dla kontrahentów

The guests, the contractors…

…when they care about the opinion of those around them, they want to show the achievements of their organization.


Investors, developers…

…when they own real estate, investment properties, etc. and are looking for investors.

przewodnik turystyczny

Tourists, residents…

…when they would like to encourage people to see the attractions, attract people and increase interest.

aplikację polecają

“Great idea! Thanks to the application I will be able to provide information about the investment areas offered by the city in an attractive and modern way”

Head of the City Investment Department

“I was wondering how I could distinguish our offer, and now I know!”

Owner of an industrial property office

“I’m convinced that this way I can reach out to people for whom modern technology is the main medium of information. An excellent way to complement traditional activities.”

Head of the Press Office

You can decide what your application will do!

The available options include:

  • Multiplatform – the application can be available on: Android, Huawei, iPhone.
  • How many objects do you want to show in the application – 10, 100, maybe a thousand or even more?
  • Do you want to have your own layout, your logo, advertisement, etc.? No problem!
  • Your objects’ descriptions are not ready, and you do not have time to create them? Order it from us!
  • In how many and which languages the application should communicate with users?
  • The application is supposed to read the descriptions aloud, in addition in the user’s language? It can be done!
  • The application is to be updated free of charge for several years? No problem!
  • Do you expect a non-standard approach, unconventional solutions? Talk to us 🙂

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