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Calculate the App cost

Below is a calculator that you can use to calculate the total approximate* cost of creating the application. All prices are in Euro, net (we issue an EU VAT invoice).

* – The calculator takes into account typical needs. In case of unconventional orders, we reserve the right to negotiate conditions.


Starter promotion!

The project has recently been made public and is currently in the commercialization stage, preparations for the implementation of the first order are underway. The first few customers can count on signuficant discounts:

  • 50% discount for 1st customer (out of date)
  • 40% discount for 2nd customer
  • 30% discount for a 3rd customer
  • 20% discount for the 4th customer
  • 10% discount for the 5th customer

Please contact us if you are interested.

Two columns

Indicate the expected functionality

Total Summary

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